Home Care Assistance


Time flies. As the days and months progress, everyone grows older – that includes your parents or other relatives. However, your loved one might be in a state of denial about their aging. This could be despite it being clear that it is getting more difficult for them to perform daily activities. The more you see them struggle, the more you understand that getting assistance for them will not only make their work easier but also show that you are ready to support and care for them.

Fortunately, In Home Senior Health Care Services can offer you the Home Care Assistance you need to take care of mom and dad. We work hard to keep your loved one in the comfort of their home. Our services span Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Concord Newmarket and Etobicoke. Additionally, we cover the greater Toronto area and York region.

Broaching the subject of them getting additional care might scare them, as they might feel that having a nurse or other staff member to help them out might cause them to lose their independence and overall comfort. However, at In Home Senior Health Care Services, we have various programs that range from full-time care to having our personnel visit your house on specific days a week. The flexibility of our schedules thereby avoids the one-sided conversation between you and your loved one that conventionally ends with “We’re putting you in a home.”

You might have been wondering what the right time is to put your loved one in a home; perhaps they can still move around with ease and can still prepare the best turkey sandwich you have ever had. However, some tell-tale signs like memory loss could have you thinking they need help while you and your family are away from home. It is time to carefully touch on the topic of home care when you observe the following signs in your aging loved one.

  • Significant memory loss – In such cases, their inability to recall events affects their daily routine. For example, your loved one might have an illness that requires them to take their medication, and they forget their dosages.
  • Difficulty in consistently performing daily tasks - These activities could include showering, cooking, cleaning the house or maintaining their personal hygiene.
  • In case they have been diagnosed with a degenerative illness such as Alzheimer’s. Additionally, displaying symptoms such as dementia, confusion or agitation could mean they need assistance in their daily living and stability.
  • There is increasing difficulty for them to move around the house even across small distances such as from their bed to the closet.
We understand that you could have already observed these symptoms but have decided to take up the task of caring for them yourself. However, this work might end up getting too tasking as their needs increase. You might also have commitments elsewhere that take up the time you used to perform tasks for your loved one. In such a case, it would also be wise for you to hire assistance to ensure that mom or dad continues to receive quality care.

Bringing up the issue of home care could be a problem in itself. How you broach the subject is critical on how your loved one will take to the assistance. Rather than have a one-time conversation about getting help, we advise you to have an early discussion on the issue and have it progress in bits. Ask questions about how they are feeling and let them tell you how you can help. Additionally, you could inquire as to what steps the loved one might want you to take in case they cannot take care of themselves anymore. Mention the advantages of having a caregiver, discuss their worries. Overall, this will lead you into making a better long-term decision that will have them feel involved.

All in all, remind them that a step towards home care is for their overall benefit since you care about their comfort and well-being.