Home Nursing Care


Are looking for a home care job that guarantees so much freedom? Or are you in need of the services of a home care nurse? Why don't you read every line of this article to find out why peace in home care nursing services is for you?

Although, you will have access to some areas of nursing upon passing your licensing exam, there are other aspects of nursing that require you to gain some practical experience before you be considered a professional. In other words, you need to have acquired some years of working experience in the Intensive Care Unit or medicine/surgery before you can be granted a career in home care nursing.

Home care nursing has its focus on families and individuals. A combination of some nursing skills from otherspecialties of nursing such as mental/psychiatric health nursing, child/parent nursing, etc., and community health nursing make up health care nursing.

“Peace in home health care”is a major provider of home care nurses in Canada. The company is renowned for employing only the services of quality home care nurses. These home care nurses who are sent out by “Peace in home health care” render quality health care services to their clients in Canada.

Services rendered by Home Nursing Care of “Peace in home health care” from the following locations in Canada - Vaughan, Richmond Hill and North York

Provision of personal and medical care:

Although, home care nurses are certified nurses, some companies give room for nurses that are practically licensed to render services to patients in their homes. Home care nurses primarily render services to elders who stay indoors and require help with bathing, house chores and so on. They Offer personal and medical care to individuals suffering from recurring and persistent illness, disabled individuals, etc. As also part of their service, they educate patients about health care, administer treatment, and examine vital signs.


Home care nursing functions basically to provide supervised care to individuals while still granting them freedom. This system of nursing care service makes it possible for disabled individuals and seniors to receive nursing care right within the confines of their homes. Not only does the home care nurse takes care of the medical well-being of her patients, she also takes responsibility of her patient’s emotional wellness. In-home patients are open to feelings of segregation and depression, according to the Joint Commission. However, home care nurses not only render medical services, but they also offer them friendship by initiating conversations and connecting more with them on a personal level which help in preventing these emotional shortcomings.

Administration of Treatment

No one becomes a home care nurse without being certified and licensed. As a result home care nurses are capable of administering medication or treatment to patients. However, they are incapable of prescribing medications.

Assistance in Homes

Home care nurses render assistance services with easy tasks such as brushing, bathing, eating and so on. “Peace in home health care”agencies have home care nurses who offer laundry services, light housekeeping, have our client’s meals prepared for etc.

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