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A quick trip to the grocery store for fresh supplies could sometimes be taken for granted by the younger generation. A majority of us can easily make healthy food choices, quickly load up our cars with groceries and prepare well-balanced meals without having to think about the effort it takes. Some tasks, such as the above shopping and cooking process, might be difficult for seniors. As a result of their age, they run into numerous challenges trying to maintain a proper diet. Here are some of them below.

1. Mobility

Since they do not go out much and probably have waning eyesight, most seniors do not have driver’s licenses. As such, getting to the store could prove difficult since their tender bodies are likely to prefer private transportation. Additionally, walking around the grocery store while pushing a cart might turn out to be difficult because the shopping basket is heavy. Also, seniors get tired easily while walking around.

Fortunately, Senior Home Care Services in Newmarket, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York and Etobicoke can easily have one of their caregivers accompany your aging loved one to the store and assist them in driving as well as carrying groceries. Alternatively, the caregiver could get the groceries personally and deliver them to the senior’s home during visits.

2. Meal Preparation

Seniors have weaker bones and muscles. As a result, standing for the extended periods required to chop vegetables and stir ingredients for a healthy meal could be an incredibly tedious or impossible task. As a result, most aging people will prefer to eat something that can easily be prepared in a microwave. Unfortunately, such meals are often high in sodium and as such may cause their health’s degeneration.

Additionally, tasks such as opening cans or using different utensils throughout the cooking process could prove difficult for the senior. This is especially so if he or she has arthritis and as such could suffer from joint pains after preparing a meal.

Senior Home Care Services in Newmarket, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York and Etobicoke have caregivers that will assist your aging loved one throughout the meal preparation process. Assistance could be taken a step further by the caregiver cooking the meal themselves, offering your senior a chance to rest or take part in activities he or she feels are more enjoyable.

3. Vision

With increasing age, our ability to see clearly is likely to decrease. For some seniors, the development of conditions such as macular degeneration causes their eyesight to decline at greater levels. As a result, some seniors cannot measure out ingredients in their correct proportions. Additionally, reading out the content and expiry date on some jars becomes difficult and could prove detrimental to their health in case they have allergies.

Contacting Home Care Services in Newmarket, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York and Etobicoke will allow you to seek assistance from a caregiver who will be informed about your aging loved one’s allergies and other constraints. The caregiver will then read labels on all the ingredients and easily measure them out for meal preparation.

Sometimes, seniors are discouraged by the lack of company from preparing healthy meals. However, with a caregiver at your aging loved one’s side, they could be inspired to not only prepare tasty and healthy meals but also to maintain an active social life and age gracefully.

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