HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 (a year of peace for everyone)

How should we celebrate our new year??? Time flies by and it seems like 2018 was here just for a little moment. When we look back how have we done in 2018, things that we did in the past 2018, what we need to change and do differently. We must celebrate our new year in such a way that it is meaningful for us and for everyone in our surroundings. We need to be helping out people in need and making sure that there is equity and equal distribution of resources. We need to make peace among nations of the world which is possible only by taking care of each other and not stealing or causing war between the nations of the world. Let’s promise to ourselves that in 2019 we will look after people in need and help them whichever way we are able to help. We need to understand that equal distribution of resources is the only way to bring peace and harmony among the nations of the world. Happy new year from our family of caregiver to yours. Have a prosperous 2019

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