Teaching-Learning in Nursing Profession

Clients’ Teaching-Learning in Nursing Profession The process of learning is never ending. We as human beings begin this process at a very young age and continue to learn throughout our lives. Learning is a process we practice in our daily lives, even those associated in the teaching

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Pain Assessment

Adequate Pain Assessment Last week at my clinical placement, I was assigned two clients. One of the clients had a diagnosis of entero-cutaneous fistula and the second patient had developed pancreatitis about two months ago. I was able to build up a therapeutic relationship with one of

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Live in Caregivers???

Live in Caregivers provide a broad range of services for the elderly people. There are so many reasons that you should choose a live in caregiver over a live out caregiver: The elderly stays in their own home in the environment they love the most Avoids having

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 (a year of peace for everyone) How should we celebrate our new year??? Time flies by and it seems like 2018 was here just for a little moment. When we look back how have we done in 2018, things that we did in

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Peace In-Home Health Care is a family run business based in the province of Ontario. The company was built around revolutionizing home health care so that seniors can safely and easily age at home. We care for our .... Read More
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