True Meaning of Christmas???

The true meaning or the essence of Christmas is to share happiness and global wealth with everyone in the world; so there is equity of wealth and all the resources. What is your opinion???

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how do YOU plan to celebrate this Christmas/Holidays???

We all know that Christmas/Holidays Season is here like every year and it is going to be gone in 22 days from now. Lets’ do something different this year on Christmas. Give your loved ones a gift of care and compassion who are not able to manage

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Role of Nurses/Caregivers as a Teacher, Facilitator, Coordinator and a Learner

Nurses have a broad range of responsibilities in today’s health care. The complexity of the role has changed from bedside assistance to nurses as teachers, facilitators, educators, nurse managers, coordinators, learners, and nurses as role models for patients. Regardless of specialty or work settings, the importance of

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Ethical Nursing Practice & Use of Restraints???

Use of Restraints: Ethical or Unethical Nursing practice revolves around patients’ care, wellbeing, safety, non-pharmacological interventions, and nursing outcomes. Many times the nursing care of clients places the nurse on a path which is further divided into two diverse pathways, quite in opposite directions. This bifurcation of

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In Home Care for Seniors Best Caregivers In Toronto

We strongly believe that seniors should feel comfortable with the caregivers in order to benefit the most out of the service. A trusting relationship between a client and caregiver cannot be forced. We make sure every client is matched with a caregiver based on compatible personalities for

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This Remembrance Day

At Peace In-Home Health Care Services, our goal is to provide customized home care for seniors to sustain their independence and quality of life and live in the comfort of their home for as long as possible. Our caregivers are qualified, compassionate, dedicated and highly experienced. Regardless

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Peace In-Home Health Care is a family run business based in the province of Ontario. The company was built around revolutionizing home health care so that seniors can safely and easily age at home. We care for our .... Read More
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