Companionship Care Toronto

Everyone needs a friend, whether it is for accompanying them to the mall or the doctors’ offices, we have you covered. We do our very best to match our clients with a caregiver that they feel the most comfortable with. We offer services such as providing a caregiver that speaks the same language as the client, or one who can cook their favourite meals. Making sure our clients feel at peace in their own home is our priority and we are determined to make that happen.

How Companionship Services Can Benefit Seniors

Cognitive health and physical activities are the bases to healthy living. Healthy companionship is needed to optimize good health, therefore, we make sure the care is individualized for your family member and may include these activities and many others:

We also provide companionship for clients with dementia or hospice care. Health conditions can limit some seniors and make them house bound- our companionship program provides compassionate employees who are ready to take their clients to the super markets, play a game of cards or listen to their favourite classics so days can be more enjoyable.

  • Reading
  • Meal preparation to help ensure nutritional needs are met
  • Conversation and discussion of current and historic events
  • Doing crafts and playing games for mental stimulation
  • Sorting memorabilia
  • Helping with organizing
  • Outings to promote socialization
  • ​Scrapbooking
  • Outdoor activities like gardening for fitness
  • Purposeful engagement for learning and development
  • Walking outside to promote an active lifestyle

These are just some of the activities our caregivers will bring to your family. Give us a call to start a conversation about how your family may benefit from companionship and in-home caregiving.

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