Medication Reminder Services

What is Medication Reminder Services?
It has been studied that elderly people usually skip their medication just because they are not able to keep up with polypharmacy (taking multiple medications at once). Sometimes because they have no one to encourage them to take their medications on time and sometimes because they are not able to keep track of their medications. Our trained caregivers and personal support workers are fully equipped to give timely reminders to your elderly loved ones so they can take their medication on time or as needed medications if they have body aches. Our caregivers provide them comfort and preferred drink or food to take their medications on time.

Advantages Of Home Care Services

We can provide emotional
support to your loved ones by

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Allowing them to

Allowing them to
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We at PEACE IN HOME HEALTH CARE take care of the needs and wishes of our clients and ensure to provide them with care and personal support.

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Tell us more about your elderly home care needs, preferences, special requirements, meal preferences, doctor's appointments and schedule

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After assessing your needs, we will find the best possible caregiver for your loved one. Once you are ready to book, we will send the caregiver to your home.

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We are just one phone call away; respective care coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss any concerns or questions. You can also send us a text message (ask your coordinator for the phone number for text messages)

What Do We do?

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our elderly clients by easing their pain. Some people want to be alone, while others want to be surrounded by their family and friends. We ensure to fulfill all the care needs and wishes of your loved ones. Our priority is to prevent any suffering.

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